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MyHabeats is a smartphone application designed to help post obesity surgery patients adhere to post-operative guidelines. It trains patients to consume frequent, small meals, with balanced nutritional composition. To increase the chances of weight loss maintenance and improve broader quality of life, MyHabeats motivates its users to engage in physical activity, learn to feel good with their body, invest in their interpersonal relationships and master self-control strategies. Throughout a two-stage journey, starting after their bariatric surgery, patients are guided in building new habits with a simple-to-use, user-friendly application designed to meet their needs.

Coming soon for Android and iOS devices, users can download MyHabeats with just a few clicks. Get the first public version with all the features you need. We take into account valuable input from patients, physicians and research scientists to update our app and make it better for you!

Create your account fast by using your e-mail address. Want to be connected with other apps? Use your Gmail or Facebook account to join MyHabeats. Log in quickly and easily to start using your digital tool.

Choose your digital companion, Lino or Lina, to guide you through your journey with MyHabeats. Get personalized notifications and feel our support. Want to meet another companion along your journey? You are welcome to make changes through your profile settings.

We, at MyHabeats, want to know more about you. Answer a few questions and help us provide you with more personalized recommendations in the future. Need to update your answers in the future? That’s always possible.

Why do you suggest six meals?

We provide you with a 6-meal menu, following expert guidelines. Want to add more? Just click on “Add extra meal” and create your own, extra meal.

How do I build my meal?

Simply click on the (add) button next to the meal you want to enter. A screen with the four main food categories will open-up for you. What did your meal include? Did your meal include protein, for example? Click to add protein and choose from a full list of food items high in protein. Cannot find the food item you had? Add yours and enrich your list with your preferred items. Want to review what you added? Click on (eye icon) and check your entry. Feel free to delete an item if you ‘ve made a mistake (delete icon). Did your meal include more than one food categories? Repeat the above steps for any other food category you had. Done with adding food items in your meal? Time to rate your portion size. We simply ask how many tablespoons (more or less) you had. We know it’s going to be a bit difficult in the beginning but very soon you ‘ll get better in observing how much you eat! About to finish? Tell us how you feel with what you ‘ve eaten. Using the hunger scale, you can indicate how you feel. Emoticons and labels make it easy for you to rate your feeling. As you progress in my Habeats, you become aware of how much you need to eat in order to feel good!

What are the points I earn?

We do our best to help you stay on track with building healthy eating habits. For every meal you add, we reward you with 1 point. To motivate you for more frequent meals, we award with your points after adding at least 4 meals. Once you get there, you receive all your 4 points at once! Continue adding meals and gaining more points! Collect 180 points and there you are! Stage 1 is completed and you are ready to unlock Stage 2!

What are the four categories?

We know that to maintain weight loss and enjoy a meaningful life, changing eating behavior is not enough. That’s why we encourage you to take actions that will get you even closer to your goal. Exercise, personal relationships, self-control and body-mage are aspects of lifestyle and behavior we believe are worth caring about. Engage in actions for better outcomes in these four aspects and physical as well as emotional benefits will soon follow!

How to add an action?

Simply click on (add icon) for any aspect you want to add an action. Do you want to add an action for exercise, for example? Give a title and a brief description of the activity you want to do. Want to make your plan more concrete? Select a date on which you ‘d like to do it.

How do I see which actions I ‘ve indicated?

You can see all the actions you ‘ve indicated in the same list or separately for every aspect. Edit your actions or mark them complete if you ‘ve already done them!

How many actions should I complete?

Let’s make this challenging! In 60 days from the beginning of Stage 2, try to complete 20 actions. Make sure you balance across the four aspects as much as you can!

What is MyHabeats journey?

We make sure you keep track of your behavior. MyJourney shows your progress with MyHabeats app.

Duration of MyJourney

See how many days your journey has lasted and how many days you ‘ve spent on each stage. Track the points you ‘ve earned and check how many more you need.

Stage 1 of MyJourney

Have a look at how many meals you ‘ve had for every meal type, how much of each food category you had across all your meals and how you feel on each meal most of the time.

Stage 2 of MyJourney

Have a look at how many actions you ‘ve completed and how many you still need in order to complete Stage 2. We provide you with an overview of all your actions but also a separate overview of your actions for each lifestyle and behavior aspects. Stay on track and stay in balance!

You are not alone in the journey you ‘ve started with your bariatric surgery. That’s why we support your connection with other users who have embarked on a journey like yours. Add a buddy and invite them to join MyHabeats, share your stories and experiences with other users on our social media groups. Connect with other Habeateers!

I have a chronic disease or other health complications. Can I use MyHabeats?

MyHabeats is a digital tool to help post obesity surgery patients maintain weight loss and improve quality of life. It does not substitute the expertise of your health care practicioner. Rather, it supplements it. If you suffer from a chronic disease or other health complications, please consult with your doctor about the use of MyHabeats.

Can I use the app while I ‘m following a diet plan?

MyHabeats is a digital tool that allows users to record their meal composition, portion size and rate how their feeling with eating. It does not provide you with suggestions about meal compositions. If you are following a diet plan, MyHabeats can be your tool to record your food consumption. Please, consult with your nutritionist about using MyHabeats as part of your treatment.

What are the exercises I should do?

MyHabeats lets you indicate exercises that you feel comfortable in doing. We do provide a couple of examples of physical activities that bariatric patients are allowed to do soon after the surgery. For safer physical activity, please, consult with your doctor about the types and the intensity of exercises you are allowed to do.

Do you know how to make my personal relationships better?

MyHabeats lets you indicate actions that you believe will benefit your relationships with your significant others. It does not substitute the role of experts in dealing with interpersonal relationship problems. In case you need specific guidance, please consult with an expert.

Can you tell how exactly I will feel better with my body image?

Actions about your body image are things you would like to do for yourself and you believe would make you feel better. We absolutely do not suggest trying to fit in role models or stressing yourself out about your looks. MyHabeats offers you a tool to engage in concrete actions that you believe would elevate your mood. In case you need more specific guidance, please consult with an expert.

What do you mean by self-control?

By self-control, we mean strategies that can help you resist temptations and you can apply in your daily life. When trying to build healthy eating habits, you will often find yourself being tempted by tasty but unhealthy food items. MyHabeats offers you some suggestions on how to cope better and stick to your goal of eating healthier.

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