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New re-designed interface

We built it again. Based on your needs.

After gaining valuable feedback from out beta-test users, we re-designed MyHabeats for you! Our official version follows a careful and modern design approach, uses gamification elements and makes user interaction with the app smoother. Lino and Lina are back in this new version to join and guide users through their journey with MyHabeats.


Build your meal

Structured way to record your meals

With the help of reminders, you record their meal in simple steps. Tap on a food category, choose from a list of food options or add your own. Review your meal and feel free to make changes.


Portion sizes

Measure your portion size without stress

We offer you a straightforward way to measure your portion. Take the time to observe how many tablespoons you ‘ve had and that’s it. You gradually learn how much food is enough to feel comfortable.


Feeling System

Rate how you feel after eating

Take a moment to check with your body how you feel after eating. A simple-to-use scale guides you through your hunger and satiation states. Train yourself to eat until you feel satisfied and avoid overeating.


Points System

Earn points as you progress

Gain 1 point with every meal you record. To help you get enough meals, your points are awarded after recording 4 meals at least. Aim for 180 points to complete Stage 1 and unlock Stage 2!


Continue on Stage 2?

The next step to maintain weight loss and improve quality of life